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Ole hyvä ja odota...

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Switch 10V SW5-014P - 64GB - 10,1" - IPS HD (1280 x 800) - Intel  Atom  x5-Z8300 QC - Yes, keyboard - 2GB - 802.11a/ b/ g/ n - 2MP

ACER Switch 10V SW5-014P - 64GB - 10,1" - IPS HD (1280 x 800) - Intel Atom x5-Z8300 QC - Yes, keyboard - 2GB - 802.11a/ b/ g/ n - 2MP (NT.LAXED.002.FF)

Tuotekoodi: NT.LAXED.002.FF
Näytön koko: 10,1"
Resoluutio: 1280 x 800 pixels
Kosketusnäyttö: Yes
Paino: 1,2Kg
Mobile broadband: No
OS: Windows 10 Pro
Levy: 0GB
SSD / Flash: 64GB
Muisti: 2GB
CPU: Intel Atom
Malli: Acer Aspire Switch
245,97 Hinta ALV 0%
Saatavuus Saatavuus Saatavuus Saatavuus 2 tuotetta saatavilla varastossa oleva tuote/tuotteet erikoishintaan.
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    Aspire Switch 10 V

    Work harder, play harder
    The Aspire Switch 10 V is a powerful and stylish metal-clad laptop that snaps into a tablet with superb fluency, thanks to its ground-breaking magnetic hinge, the Acer Snap Hinge™ 2. Windows 10, an Intel® Atom™ x5 processor and a USB Type-C port makes this one of the most powerful and useful 2-in-1s around.

    Snap perfectly every time
    Our Acer Snap Hinge™ 2 improves on the original by having a guide plane added. This guides the connectors so you can easily snap the keyboard on without missing your mark. Snap effortlessly between four very useful modes: laptop, tablet, tent (great for placing on ledges and window sills), and display mode.

    The power of USB Type-C
    This device’s USB Type-C port delivers much higher data-transfer speeds than USB 3.0. Aside from fast-streaming through this port, you can also use it to charge your laptop and to charge any connected device – nice!

    Metallic elegance
    The Switch 10 V looks sleek and professional. That’s because we clad its body in lustrous metal that we then imprinted with a sophisticated fabric-like pattern, resulting in a superbly attractive device that will impress your friends and colleagues.

    Powerful processing
    This 2-in-1 can smoothly power through the toughest tasks, thanks to its impressive Intel® Atom™ x5 processor. This processor offers very competitive graphics and gaming performance, as well as improved power efficiency.

    Fast wireless internet
    The powerful processor works with 802.11abgn MIMO wireless hardware to deliver extremely fast downloads and very smooth browsing and video-streaming experiences. Bluetooth 4.0 adds ultrafast short-range connections to the mix.

    The Windows 10 edge
    Windows 10 blends all the best features of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and adds some very useful improvements. It also puts the familiar Start menu back where everybody wants it to be; only a click away at the bottom left of the screen.

    Lock your data with a snap
    Acer SwitchLock™ technology1 lets you pair the keyboard with the tablet. This means the hard drive on your keyboard automatically locks when you snap the tablet off and it can only be unlocked by snapping the tablet back on the keyboard – for superior data security.

    Premium features
    Some of the other highlights of this 2-in-1 is its vivid 10.1” display (Full HD with IPS2 and zero-air-gap tech) with a super-tough Gorilla® Glass screen, two cameras, dual front-facing speakers with Dolby® Audio™, an optional Active Stylus for very accurate drawing and writing and much more!

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