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ACER Switch Alpha 12 Core i3 6100U 12inch FHD IPS 4Gb RAM 128Gb SSD backlit keyboard Win10 Pro (NT.LCEED.003)

ACER Switch Alpha 12 Core i3 6100U 12inch FHD IPS 4Gb RAM 128Gb SSD backlit keyboard Win10 Pro (NT.LCEED.003)

Tuotekoodi: NT.LCEED.003
Näytön koko: 12,5"
Resoluutio: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Kosketusnäyttö: Yes
Paino: 1,3Kg
Mobile broadband: No
OS: Windows 10 Pro
Levy: 0GB
SSD / Flash: 128GB
Muisti: 4GB
CPU: Intel Core i3-6xxx
Malli: Acer Aspire Switch
Ammattilaisten arvostelut: 138 arvostelua
    Asiakkaiden arvostelut

    Aspire Switch 12

    An intuitive and immersive 5-in-1 notebook

    The Aspire Switch 12 is a versatile 12.5” 5-in-1 product with a detachable wireless keyboard that can be used as a laptop, tablet with or without keyboard, or desktop PC via its 5 modes (notebook, pad, display, tent and desktop). The Aspire Switch 12 also gives you powerful computing, responsive graphics and cool-running low power consumption with Windows 8.1 and new Intel® Core™ M processor.

    Fluidly versatile
    The centerpiece of the Aspire Switch 12 is its convertible multiple mode design that rolls five modes into one, making it more of a 5-in-1 than a 2-in-1. The five handy configurations include notebook, pad, display, tent and desktop modes, providing a mode for practically any need.

    Razor-thin laptop meets ultra-fast tablet
    An Intel® Core™ M processor in your 2 in 1 means you get the best of both worlds – a razor-thin laptop and an ultra-fast tablet in one super-mobile device. Go from games to presentations quickly with a device you can take anywhere and everywhere. That’s serious processing. Only with Intel Inside®.

    Dashing display
    With a big 12.5" screen, the Aspire Switch 12 sports a Full HD display with technologies that let you see everything clearly from almost any angle, with vivid colors and detail, even in bright sunlight. The highly responsive touch screen also has an effective anti-fingerprint treatment that greatly reduces unsightly smudges.

    One-of-a-kind kickstand
    The Aspire Switch 12’s distinctive kickstand design is at the core of its multi-mode capability, housing and functioning as the connector to the detachable keyboard which works as a connected keyboard in some modes and a wireless one in others.

    Distinctive keyboard
    With several unique features, the Aspire Switch 12’s keyboard deserves mention. In addition to offering full-size typing comfort and wireless capabilities, it has a built-in mouse stick in the middle, instead of a trackpad, providing a convenient pointing experience and space saving benefits.

    Durable design
    Designed for all-round durability, the Aspire Switch 12 uses next generation Corning® Gorilla® Glass to protect the display and has a latch-less magnetic keyboard connector tab design for easy mode switching, while offering a sturdy mechanical connection. It also features a whisper quiet, fan-less design that complements the very low power consumption processor.

    Acer Active Pen
    The optional Acer Active Pen1 adds another dimension to the Aspire Switch 12’s dynamic productivity features -- facilitating fast, precise input for writing, drawing or just plain doodling. It’s great for everything from annotating documents to making quick notes in your diary.

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